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Association Accomplishments

The White Water Meadows Citizens Association has worked assiduously over the years to improved the life and welfare of the community and its members. We are pleased with the number of accomplishment this organization has achieved over the years spanning several administrations from its inception in the year 2000.

Below are several of our major accomplishments:

1. The establishment of a legally binding constitution to which sets out the framework for the governance of the community. Since the establishment of its constitution, the community has been led by an active Citizen's Association. Among the past Presidents were Mrs. Grey, Mr. Chin, Mr.  Gentles and Mr.  Cole.  Ms. Golding is the current President.

2. Registration of the Citizen’s Association as a limited liability company allows it to transact business in its own name and has introduced another level of accountability in the requirement to file annual financial reports that are publicly available.

3. Hosting several annual social and fundraising events

The White Water Meadows community is well known for its ability to stage events and activities that bring out the community spirit of its residents.  General Meetings are held monthly; GSAT Award, Sports Day, and Children's Treat are held annually; ad hoc events such as Jerk Fridays, Community Outreach Day;  Dog Show & Mini Expo all add a different dimension to the spice of the community's lifestyle.

4. Secure Agreement with LIME for the provisioning of landline and internet services.
 The Association has secured an agreement with Telecommunications provider LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless) for the use of a  section of the green area on Stanhope Road to house their  Outdoor Plan Module (OPM) Unit.  This unit   facilitates the provision of land lines and internet services to households   within the community.
In the addition we have signed a lease agreement with LIME from which we receive economic benefits on an annual basis.

5. Secure Agreement with FLOW

6. Installation of Lights in the community Park
 The Association embarked on a project in 2009 to improve the aesthetics of the community starting with installation of three (3) light poles and lamps. The lights improved visibility of the park at nights and improved security for the residents.
 Funding for this project was obtained from various fundraising activities and  direct contributions from residents
7.  Community Outreach Day
 The Association, in collaboration with entities such Social Development Commission, Ministry of Health etc have hosted several of these events which provide services and benefits from, providers such as RGD, Past Port and Immigration office (PICA, Ministry of Health etc.  
8.. Implementation of a Neighborhood Watch Programme 

The Neighborhood Watch programme was officially launched in 2008 with assistance from the Community Safety and Security Unit of the JCF.
9. Implementation of a Community security Programme

10. Community Beautification and Maintenance (On Going)


11. Lobbied for new Sewage System
After many years of suffering from an inadequate and at times none functioning sewage system, the Association has successfully lobbied for the implementation of an up to date sewage disposal system.


MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS August 2012 – July 2016


1. 2012 - Communication The Association over the past 4 years has strengthened its ability to communicate with the residence by way of the development of a resident’s database. This has helped tremendously in our ability to communicate effectively with our residents and provide vital information to be used in the event of an emergency. This database facilitates 2 way communications by the following means:-
a) Emails – Regular updates of important happenings within the community are sent out to residents in a timely manner. This method, although easy to administer, is not 100% effective since not all residents are able to access the internet.
b) Text Messaging – Another quick and effective way we communicate with residents is by way of the Text Messaging system. This allows residents to get information on happenings in the community. This system is very critical in emergency situations as the information can be accessed by the recipients immediately and put them in a position to respond quickly.

2. 2013 - Set up Audit Committee In keeping with our commitment to build integrity with a high level of transparency, the Audit Committee was formed. This comprised of 2 members of the community who were duly appointed at a general meeting by the residents in attendance. The objective of this group was to review the financial procedures and transactions of the Association and report all findings to the General Meeting.
This committee has successfully completed an audit of the financials for the period August 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013 and has given their approval with a few recommendations. However, since that audit, they were not able to continue because of their busy work schedule. Being a Registered Charitable Organization, the association is mandated by the Charities Act to be audited by a Licensed Chartered Accountant. This it did in 2015 and 2016 in order to maintain its status with the organization.

3. 2013 – 2015 Flow Cable Survey & Profit Share ($1,082,551.26)
On the 28th January 2010, The White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association and Columbus Communication Jamaica Limited (FLOW) signed an agreement whereby, FLOW agreed to pay over to the association on a quarterly basis, a monthly fee of 3% of subscription revenue from video services if FLOW provides services to a minimum of 80% of the occupants utilizing cable television services in the community.
Years have passed and no benefit was received. When inquiries were made in 2012, we were told we did not qualify because they had less than 80% of the market. We sought and got permission from FLOW to conduct our own survey. Our team went from house to house and completed the survey over a 12 month period. In the end the results were in our favor, proving that the community qualified for 3% of gross revenue from FLOW. The information was forwarded to the management of the Cable Company and after many months of intense negotiations, the association received a payout of $1,082,551.26 in March 2015.

4. 2013 - Heartland Road Rehabilitation ($233,476.15)
The Association organized and successfully carried out a demonstration to highlight the poor condition of the Heartland Road. That was followed by a number of meetings with the Member of Parliament and the management of WIHCON Ltd with a view of having the road fixed. Recognizing the need to assist, the community organized and collected from residents a total of $233,476.15 to assist with the repairs. The Hartland Road was eventually repaired in the latter half of 2013 without the help from the White Water Community so the money collected was used to fix internal roads within the community,

5. 2013 - Purchase of Lawn Tractor ($163,100.00)
In an effort to reduce our maintenance cost, the association purchased a Lawn Tractor to help reduce our spiraling maintenance cost. This came at a cost of $163,100.00 and is our largest single purchase to date. This acquisition significantly reduced our maintenance cost and the accumulative monthly savings over a 12 month period have surpassed to actual purchase price of the equipment.

6. 2014 - Registration as a Charitable Organization
In April 2014, the Citizens’ Association was successful in its registration as a Charitable Organization. This has resulted in substantial savings on purchases made by the association as it guarantees weavers on GCT and Import Duty. To date the association was able to save approximately $90,000.00 on GCT exemptions when we purchased tables & chairs, material for the construction of the Gazebo and also material for the installation of lighting in the Park.

7. 2014 - Repair of the Children Swing in the park ($31,122.20) The structure was repaired and new chains and seats were bought and installed.

8. 2015 - Purchase of Tables & Chairs ($76,824.00) In 2015, the Citizen’s Association purchased a total of 30 metal folding chairs and 2 folding trestle tables (6 feet). These are to be used at our meetings and our many events that are kept in the community.

9. 2015 - Repair of Internal Roads ($350,000.00) The Association sought the assistance from WIHCON Ltd to help fix 2 sections of our roadway on the Boulevard. They responded by contributing material and equipment to prepare the base of the selected areas. This kind of assistance was a significant cost saving, as it resulted in the association only spending $350,000.00 to purchase and lay the barber green which completed the job. Of the $350,000.00 spent, $233,476.15 was money collected from residents to assist with the repairs of Hartland Road.

10.  2016 - Building of the Community Gazebo ($951,895.96) For years the association struggled to find a suitable location have meetings and other community related events, so in 2014, we decided to do something about it. For sure we have a number of green areas at our disposal, but no structure to call home. That was when we decided to embarked on the long overdue project to build our Community Centre / Gazebo. This was in keeping with our long term strategy to develop the community park as a venue of choice.
With that in mind, we ventured on a number of fundraising activities as we seek to raise funds. Everything fell into place when we received the payout from FLOW. The plan was drawn and the budget was approved by residents at one of our general meeting. Ground was broken in June 2016 and today we have the finished product. Thanks to the hardworking team that oversee the construction.
Material - $681,895.96 & Labour - $270,000.00

11. 2016 – Rehabilitate Lighting in Park ($60,817.31). In August 2016 the association purchased and installed two new 400 watts flood lights in the park. This was done in time to complement the opening of the newly constructed Gazebo. This was done at a cost of $60,817.31