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The WWMCA does its work through an Executive committee and working committees made up of council members and community participants. Each committee reviews issues and concerns brought to it and makes recommendations to the full Council. Committees also initiate projects, investigation of issues and concerns within their respective jurisdictions.


1.Public Safety and Services:

To follow the progress of public and civic affairs as they affect the welfare of White Water Meadows and to report on same to the Association - especially matters regarding public health, security, transportation, telecommunications, local government, zoning and planning. The committee may make recommendations on possible action by the Citizens' Association on these matters. Additionally the committee shall deal with matters relating to the practice of sound environmental values within the community.

2.Sports and Recreation Committee:

To coordinate (a) the planning of sports and recreation programmes for the various age groups in the community; and (b) the provision and care of sports and recreation facilities. To work in conjunction with the Committee on Environmental Quality to ensure the upkeep and proper use of the parks and recreational areas.

3. Planning & Community Development:

To promote orderly development of the community. Though every individual's right ought to be respected, the rights of the community for orderly development must be protected. The Committee must therefore at all times be aware of the local government or parish council laws that pertain to the community, particularly as it relates to construction, and make recommendations to the Association on how to deal with such matters as may affect the community.

4. Public Relations and Fundraising:

To develop and support a public relations and fundraising plan for the community which includes the publication of a newsletter, the maintenance of a community bulletin board, interfacing with the mass media, and promoting events that seek to raise funds for the development of the community, and the advancing of the goals and objectives of the Association.

Special or Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the President or by the executive committee. All committees shall promptly consider and report upon all matters referred to them by the Association, or by the Executive Committee. No committee report shall be published or given publicity prior to its approval by the Association. After the final report of such a committee has been accepted at a regular or special meeting of the Citizens' Association, the committee shall be automatically discharged.


Committees  Members

1. Planning and Community Development    

 Donald Tomlinson

2 Sports & Recreational   

Nadine Ashbourne
Selana McKoy
Athoy Neil
Donald Scott

3. Public Relations 


Michelle Lewin
Ann-Marie Sewell
Petrina Henry
4. Public Safety and Services
5 Fundraising Denese White
Lascelle Bryan
Velma Grey
Nicholas Williams
Gary Simms
6. Audit Committee
Jacqueline Murray
Charles Tam
7. Senior Citizens (Benovelant) Committee
Valrie Russell        
Heather White        
Dawnett Foreshaw        
Frances  Bowers-Wilson