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Cancara application to OUR for increase rates

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has received a request for a tariff adjustment (‘proposal’) from Can-Cara Development Ltd (entitled – ‘Can-Cara Development Limited Application for a non-objection to an increase in rates and charges’).

Can-Cara is the water and sewerage supplier for the following residential communities within St Catherine:

§  Whitewater Meadows
§  Jacaranda Homes
§  Chedwin Gardens
§  Magil Palm

In fulfilment of OUR’s mandate, we wish to plan a public consultation with the residents of these housing schemes, to enable:

§  Can-Cara to outline major aspects of their proposal, & for
§  Residents to give us feedback on the utility’s service quality, as well as share general comments about their utility provider.

Please seek feedback from your respective community and indicate your preference for OUR’s public consultation with residents on either:

§  Sunday, 2017 October 15, at 4 pm or
§  Wednesday 2017 October 18, at 6:30 pm.

The Innswood High School auditorium has been suggested as being the most convenient venue. Please visit our website and review the summary of Can-Cara’s proposal Here.