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  • Project: Beautifying the Community's Entrance

    Dear Residents,
    The Executive has embarked on a project to beautify the entrance to the community. The project was birthed out of the need to curtail the parking of trailers which used to line the side of the road. We felt it was necessary to curtail that problem and inevitably prevent motorists from using that section of the road-way as access to/from Chedwin Gardens.
    At this stage, we are erecting pvc pipes along the road which will serve as borders/protection for the plants/trees that that will be planted later. These pipes will be painted with reflective paint (or fitted with reflective tape), to ensure safety and to enhance the beauty of the area.
    We invite you to join us in making this project a success. As such, we need volunteers for labour, cement, sand, pvc pipes, pick axes, shovels, gloves, water buckets, etc.  Persons willing and able to assist should call the President, Ruel Cole at 819-3104 or email us at
    Please stay tuned for the next scheduled work day.
    Pictorials of Day 1 of the project can be seen here

  • Meeting with Can Cara, NHT, MOH et al (June 2004)

    Report of Meeting with Can Cara, NHT, MOH et al (June 2004)

    Report of Meeting with representatives of the National Housing Trust,
    Ministry of Water and Housing, Can Cara Development Ltd, Magil Construction
    and Citizens of White Water Meadows.

    Wednesday, June 23, 2004

    The above captioned meeting was held with the aim of once again highlighting the defects of the units and infrastructure in the community of White Water Meadows and finding solutions to these problems.

    In commencing the meeting Mr Michael Young of Can Cara Development gave a general overview of the link between the Organizations present and the community of White Water Meadows.  Mr Clinton Masters one of the representatives of the NHT, in adding to Mr Young’s remarks, posited that the meeting was arranged to address the issues of contention that his Organization was made aware of, and which are not being addressed by Can Cara/Magil.  This was in light of the fact that, from the perspective of the Board of the NHT, it was prudent to bring all parties together to understand more the issues and find amicable solutions to the problems, given the fact that a number of its customers were intimately involved.

    Mr Ennis, representing the Ministry of Water and House, indicated that he was present to observe the proceedings and to ascertain the intransigence of MAGIL in dealing with the problems.  He further stated that the Ministry of Water and Housing is more than just a partner in the development, it also has the mantle for Housing in Jamaica, and therefore has a role to play in ensuring that the problems identified by the Citizens are resolved.

    Mr Claude Dupre representing Magil Construction was asked to state whether or not there were outstanding issues to be dealt with; to this he responded that there are no outstanding issues.  

    Without further delaying the proceedings of the meeting the Citizens were asked to indicate the problems affecting the community.  The following issues were highlighted:

    DRAIN:    The question of whether or not the earth drain was appropriate was discussed at length.  It was the belief of most of the parties present that the earth drain was not adequate.  Mr Dupre was asked to send a copy of the design for the as built drain and also design drawing submitted by Peter Jarvis and accepted by the Parish Council to the Ministry of Housing and the National Housing Trust by FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2004.

        The NHT, Ministry of Water and Housing and Can Cara indicated that if this drainage design is found to be inadequate then a redesign would be commissioned. The end of August was given as an appropriate time for the completion of a redesign.  To this, Mr Dupre agreed that his company is willing to go the extra mile to solve the problem the drain in its present state causes. (health hazard from the stench of stagnant water, and raw sewage and  growth of vegetation harbouring of all kinds of amphibians or mammals).

        In the discussion of the inadequacy of the drain another problem was highlighted, which is, the irregular functioning of the Lift Station.  The meeting was informed by Paul Samuels of Can Cara that during heavy rains there is an inflow of the water into the system.  This inflow sends excess wastewater not only to the surface water drain but also into a nearby manhole that then overflows sending raw sewage into the surface water drain.  The latter was identified as abnormal and therefore needs to be addressed urgently.

        Mr Dupre indicated that he was not aware of such a situation, but, he will be investigating the matter and will inform the MWH and the NHT by FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2004, of his findings and measures that will be used to correct such a problem.

    ROADS:    Mr Dupre is of the opinion that the roads are completed.  This was refuted by the citizens who gave examples of road surfaces that are in disrepair.  Mr Ennis of the MWH suggested, as a solution to the problem, that Magil ask the Parish Council to come in and assess the roadways.  Magil may also wish to request from the Parish Council a listing of the procedures required before they can assess the roadways by JULY 2.  The MWH has also offered to send all the documents to the Parish Council on Magil’s behalf requesting an inspection of the roads.

    CRACKS:    Magil has refused to accept a list of complaints submitted by the Citizens’ Association.  In light of this, it was decided that CanCara make copies of the complaint form from Magil available for completion by residents of White Water Meadows.  This would be provided by Friday, June 25, 2004.   A period of four (4) weeks was given for the completion of the forms by residents, that is, by July 31, 2004.   The forms would then be returned to Can Cara by the Association who would deliver them to Magil, and receive from Magil confirmation of receipt.

    POWER LINES:    Of interest is the fact that the power lines are running across private property and therefore the law may be able to force Magil to effect the movement of the lines.  To enforce the movement of the power line from across the open area presently being used for a football field, Mr Masters informed that he will be discussing the legal issues with his office to see how best the situation can be dealt with.  He promised that the citizens would be informed of his findings as soon as possible.

    In concluding, concerns were expressed by members of the various organizations with respect to Magil’s response to the problems cited by the residents.  It was emphasized that not only did Magil have a legal obligation but also a moral one to address the concerns of the citizens and ensure that amicable solutions for the problems are arrived at.

  • Community’s Performance for the Month of July 2008

    Community’s Performance for the Month of July 2008:
    This report represents the collective effort of the Executive Team, Road Managers and the contribution from residents:

    Financial Performance :

    Income & Expenditure Statement     



     Month Ended July 2008









     Community Dues



     Website Advertisement



     Income from sale of liquor












     Cash in hand b/f   



     Net cash available     





    For the month of July 2008, net cash inflows totaled $16,528.00 broken down as under:

    1. Community Dues is the main source of revenue. For the month of July, $7,300.00 was collected. Of this amount, Zone 5, which includes, Bayswater, Portman Close and Lordship made the highest combined contribution of $3,700.00

    Community Dues is used to cut the park, community entrance, football field and other green areas. The maintenance budget for the green areas is approximately $65,000 per month. We will require $130,000.00, every two months, to cut and maintain the community’s green areas.

    For the month of July, only 11% of the maintenance budget was collected.  A Dues Collection Drive will be launched in August to improve the collection. 

    Maintenance Budget      

     Dues Collected to date

    Dues collected as a % of

    Maintenance Budget





    2. Website advertising is a potential income generating unit for the community.  During the month of July, $600.00 placement in advertisement was made. The Executive will market this potential source of income in future months.

    3. Excess liquor from “Football Fiesta” sold.

    4. Cash in hand b/f from “Spruce-up Community Campaign”.

    There was no expenditure during the month of July.

    Qualitative Performance:

    Executive visited StandHope Place - Phase 7:
    During the month of July, the Executive Team, as part of its Meet the Team, Share the Plan road tour, visited the residents of Phase Seven. Phase 7 is the latest addition to the White Water family. The concerns facing the new home owners were overwhelmingly, housing defects and the lack of street lights.
    The Executive met with Cancara Environment Limited:
    As part of our effort find a solution to the sewerage problem affecting the community, the Executive Team met with Cancara Environment Limited. Among the major issues discussed were:
    •    To find a solution to the sewerage problem.
    •    To highlight the concerns of the residents of phase 7.
    We have diarized September 30, 2008 to conclude the sewerage issue.

    Cancara Environment Limited:
    During the month of July, Cancara Environment completed repairs to all roads within the community and has begun cleaning the streets.

    The Technology Plus Security patrol service commenced July 1, 2008. As at the end of July 2008, a total of 340 commitments were received; with 120 converted to paying participants. It will require more than the 120 paid participants to sustain the service.

    Out of Service Street Lights:
    During the month of July, all out of service street lights within the community were reported to JPS.

    Neighbourhood Watch:
    The Security Council has commenced drafting a position paper on the implementation of neighbourhood watch programme for the community.  This is work-in-progress.

    Drippings Newsletter:
    The community’s newsletter for the quarter April to June was written, produced and distributed during the month of July.

    Youth & Sports:

    During the month, the Executive Team met with the football players:
    •    To formalize the Youth & Sports Club.
    •    To solicit their involvement in community activities.
    •    To form a White Water Football Club.

    During the month, Mr. Donald Tomlinson, Treasurer, met with Social Development Commission and obtained an overview of the requirements to form a White Water Football Club.

    Also during the month, Mr. Donald Scott, President of the Youth & Sports Club, visited the offices of Digicel with the mandate to obtain some level of support for the Club. A letter outlining the Club’s strategic direction was submitted to the company.

    New Recruits:
    We are happy to report the recruitment of the following persons during the month of July:
    •    Ms. Avionne Anderson, Vice President, Youth Club.
    •    Mr. Ritchie Thompson, Vice President, Sports Club.
    •    Mr. Williams, Technical Coach – Sports.
    •    Ms. Melanie Currie, Road Manager, Finchley.
    •    Ms. Gracelyn Crawford, Road Manager, Standhope Place.
    •    Ms. Dean Bent, Road Manager, Standhope Place
    Community Meetings:
    During the month of July, two community meetings were held, namely:
    •    The General Election, recorded 47 attendants.
    •    Sewerage Crisis meeting, recorded 57 attendants.
    The target is to attain attendance of 80 persons per meeting; representing one person per house. The attendance record for July, indicated that although attendance at meetings was below the benchmark, the attendance rate improved by 21% during the month.

    Meetings were also held with the residents of Phase 7, the Football Team and Cancara Environment Limited.  In total, approximately 21 hours of meeting was held during the month to deal with the affairs of the community.

    Congratulations are in order for the following persons who have attained the status of fully paid Dues member during the month of July:
    •    Mr. Ruel Cole – Basset Avenue
    •    Mr. David Turner – Bayswater
    •    Ms. Dulcie Dennis – Bayswater
    •    Mr. Davis – Finchley
    •    Mr. D. Palmer - Bayswater

    Outlook – August 2008:
    •    WIP – Solution to Sewerage
    •    WIP – to formalize the Youth & Sports Club
    •    Executive Road Tour continues
    •    To finalize the recruitment of Road Monitors
    •    To plan and stage Jerk Friday Fundraising Event.
    •    To obtain 150 residents to participate in the “Pupalick” Benefit Performance.
    •    To Remove unwanted building materials on the road way.
    •    Planning process commences for Sport Day 2K8.
    •    To complete submissions for community development for National Health Fund, Ministry of Health, healthy lifestyle projects and Sports Development Foundation.

    Donald Tomlinson            Ruel Cole
    Treasurer                           President

  • Project: Installation of lights in the Community Park

     Revised November 21, 2009
    Earlier this year, the Citizens’ Association made a commitment to make a concerted effort to install well needed lights in the community park.

    The overall development goal for the park is to create a Health Park (community green space). This development goal is expected to be realized in three phases over time:

    Phase 1:    The installation of lights in the Park

    Phase 2:    The construction of a Jogging Trail

    Phase 3:    The construction of a Gazebo style Community Centre

    Phases 2&3 of this development goal is of a greater magnitude and scope and will require significant levels of support from the community, as well as, financial support from donor agencies such as JSIF, EFJ, NHF and  Digicel Foundation among others.

    The purpose of this project proposal is to concentrate all efforts on phase 1- Installation of lights in the Park.

    The installation of lights in the park will require approximately 4 lights, 4 poles, 500ft of electrical wiring, the construction of an electrical box to house the JPS meter and electrical outlet among other things. Once funding is fully identified, the project duration is eight weeks.

    The project management team is drawn from resourced personnel from the Citizens’ Association and consists of:

    •    Andrew Brown, 1st. Vice President – 887-1932
    •    Donald Tomlinson, Treasurer – 391-6149
    •    Andrea Golding, PRO & Fundraising Chairperson – 771-9057
    •    Donald Scott, Chairperson, Youth & Sports – 296-1160

    It is intended to obtain financing for the project from:
    •    Fundraising Events
    •    Community Contributions
    •    Donations – Corporate & Social  Development Agencies 

    Cost of the Project   

    Funding Available      

    Shortfall Required





    The cost of the project is approximately J$388,830.00 and the project budget is included in Appendix A.

    To date the community has raised a total of JA$101,328.00 generated primarily from community dues, Jerk Chicken & Fish Fry fundraisers, Tag Drive and a donation of $20,000 from the Member of Parliament through the Social Development Commission.

    A shortfall of JA$287,502 is required to commence and complete the project.

    The rate of return on this community development project is very attractive:
    •    Providing lights in the park is a welcome added value community development.
    •    It provides an avenue for social and economic benefits for the community.
    •    It allows for extended time for General Meetings and other such activities.
    •    It provides an opportunity to increase the usage of the park.
    •    A well lit and properly kept park fosters a sense of community pride.
    •    It allows a secured community space for relaxation, recreation and for children to play.
    •    It allows for capacity and institutional building; whereby community leaders utilize their project management, administrative and other skills to build and develop their community.

    Appendix A:  

    Preliminary Development Budget – Light-in-the Park Project:




    Unit Cost   

     Total Cost



     Infrastructure Purchases:




     Purchase of four 30ft. light posts




     Purchase of four 400 watt lamp



     Purchase of 340ft electrical wire




     Material Purchases




     GCT ( b, c & d)




     Total Purchases









     Professional Fees




     To install meter sockets, install light poles and install lights












     JPSCO Connection




     Total Development Cost




     Community Funds Available




     Short Fall Financing Required



    Prepared by:  Donald Tomlinson -Treasurer           

    Reviewed by: Desmond Plunkett
                    2nd Vice President

    Approved by: Andrew Brown        
    1st. Vice President   

    Approved by: Ruel Cole

  • Fish Fry Results July 2009

    Fish Fry Fundraising Results July 2009

    Result of the Fish Fry Fundraising Event held July 31, 2009
    Dear Residents:

    See below the result of the Fish Fry Fundraising Event that was held on Friday, July 31, 2009. 

               Financial Result




     Cost of staging event             









    We thank you for your continued support. 

  • Letter to Can-Cara Environment re disconnections

    July 3, 2009

    Mr. Thorant Hardware
    General Manager
    Can-Cara Environment Ltd.
    8 Cargill Avenue
    Kingston 10

    Dear Mr. Hardware:

    At our monthly General Meeting held on Sunday, June 28, 2009 the following questions and concerns were made by the
    residents and we are asking for an urgent response by Monday, July 6, 2009.

    1. What are the terms and conditions of service and will this be provided in a contract.

    2. What is the cost of re-connection and is it a rate determined by the OUR.

    3. The outlets for payment are limited and for convenience, is it possible for Can-Cara to explore options such as the use of utility payment service companies.

    4. Residents are concerned that Can-Cara servicemen and or its assignees do not produce proper identification whenever they visit homes for disconnection.

    5. Concerns were raised of gaping holes left along the sidewalks following disconnections as well as the unattended holes which pose an immense danger to their personal safety. They also informed that in several instances, moulds of dirt, arising from disconnection, block the entrance way to other person's property.

    6. Residents are also concerned that the current spate of disconnection places the community at a public health risk.

    7. The residents of Phase Seven, informed that they are willing to pay their sewage fee, but are left with no alternative but to withhold payment as Can-Cara reneged on its promise to provide street light and until this is addressed, they cannot promise that sewage payments will be made.

    We look forward to an urgent response as we work together to make the community better.

    Your response may be sent via email to and the original will be collected.


    Yours truly,

    Andrea Golding

      Ruel Cole

     Public Relations Officer


  • Annual report 2008-2009

    WWMCA Annual Report: August 2008 – July 2009

    On behalf of the Executive Team thank you all for attending the AGM on Sunday, September 27, 2009. We look forward to your continued support and serving you in the year ahead.

    If you were not able to get a copy of the Annual Report please Click Here to download Annual Report (PDF Document) to get your copy.

    Warmest Regards,

    Avionne Anderson



    Financial Performance for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2009

    Financial Performance for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2009

    This report represents the community’s financial results for the quarter, April to June 30, 2009.        

     Financial Performance




     Quarter Ending

    June 30, 2009




     Community Dues



     Income – General & Non specific



     Income -  Lease Agreement



     Income – Fundraising



     Income - Tag Drive 50



     Income – Lighting the Park Project



     Total Income










     Park & Football Field Maintenance



     Administrative Expenses



     Bank Charges



     Total Expenses









      1. Income – Lease Agreement:
        On February 10, 2009, theAssociation signed a five year renewal Lease Agreement with Cable andWireless Jamaica Limited.
        The Lease Agreement for year 1 is valued at$75,000 with a 6% increase each year on the previous year’s rental.
  • Rules of Community Park Use

    Rules governing use of Community Park - Your feedback required

    A resident made a request to the Association for use of the Community Park for a private family function scheduled for March 2007. At the general meeting of the Citizens' Association on January 14th 2007 a vote was taken on this issue, and the residents unanimously agreed to grant her permission.

    The Association would however like to set some rules for the use of the Community Park for this and future request. In this regard we want to have your suggestions.

    Please make your suggestions below or at the next Citizens' Association meeting.

  • Community Outreach -Dare to Care Center


    Community Outreach - Collection drive for Dare to Care Center

    Date: February 10, 2007
    Time: 2:00pm
    Co-ordinator: Janet Plumber (1st Vice President)

    {mosimage} The Association is currently embarking on a collection drive for supplies to be delivered to the Dare to Care Center on February 10, 2007.

    The Dare to Care center is operated by the charitable organisation, The Mustard Seed Communities (MSC), and is home for over 25 children ages 2-14, who have been abandoned by their families or orphaned by parents who have died from AIDS.
    The White Water Meadows Citizens' Association have adopted the Dare to Care Center and have designated it one of the main beneficiary of our community outreach programme.

    We are requesting that residents volunteer some time, donate cash or supplies for this our outreach programme.

    Below is a list of needed Supplies

    1. OFFICE supplies

        Stationery (legal & letter size paper),

    2. GENERAL Supplies
      Laundry Baskets
      Clothes pegs
      Industrial Mops
      Clothing iron
      Cooler (for medication)
      Children’s Multivitamins, cold

    and cough medicines and pain relievers

    3. HOME Supplies
      Single bed sheets
      Wash rags
      Children video cassettes
      Children audio cassettes
      Baby clothes and shoes (2 – 13 years)
      Children’s socks
      Children’s underwear
      Story books and Colouring books
      Educational toys
      Educational CD-ROMS

      4. FOOD ITEMS
      Hot beverage Mix
      Cold Beverage Mix

      Floor Polish (clear waxed)
      Laundry detergent (liquid or powered)
      Bath soap
      Hair Brushes
      Hair Trimmers
      Skin oils & creams
      Pampers (Small, Medium, Large)
      Toilet paper
      Disposable gloves

    6. KITCHEN Supplies
      Storage containers
      Kitchen utensils
      Pots and Pans 

    To make your contribution please contact the First Vice President Janet Plummber at or call 325-5383. 

  • Block Meeting - Basset Road

    Dear Residents of Basset Rd,
    In an effort to uplift our section of the community, I take this opportunity to invite you all to a meeting on Saturday 27th January 2007 at the island circle (Green Area) on Basset Rd, commencing at 6:30 pm. Matters to be discussed are:

    (1) Beautification and maintenance of our green areas and road.
    (2) Communication for better securing our block.
    (3) Formal introduction of our block representative.
    (4) Explanation of the community security system plan.

    Please make every effort to attend, as everyone’s input is extremely important and necessary. You can bring a chair if you so desire.

    Respectfully Yours
    Ruel Cole
    Head of Security Council

  • Community Newsletter

    Community Newsletter- 100% door-to-door delivery

    We are once again aiming for 100% door-to-door delivery of the community newsletter. We however need some help printing and distributing them. If you have some time twice a year and like to get out and see your neighbourhood, why don't you get in touch with us and volunteer to help distribute and \ or print the newsletter. If you'd like to help get them to your neighbours email us or use our online form Click Here* and we can get you on the list for future deliveries.

    You can read the most recent issue here.


    Advertisers please book your ad spot in our newsletter now! The next issue of the newsletter is scheduled to be published in December 2006. Please contact the public relations office at or telephone 771-9057 for rates and additional details.

  • SPORTS & FUN DAY - Your assistance needed

    Dear Residents

    SPORTS & FUN DAY – OCTOBER 20, 2008

    Our Sports and Fun Day is scheduled for October 20, 2008.  In order to make this day a memorable community event, we are kindly requesting contributions in the following categories:

    1.    Volunteers – Sports Event Coordinators.
    2.    Donation – Cakes, soft drinks, liquor, chicken, seasoning, foil, sliced bread, hot & cold cups etc.
    3.    Cash – to cut the field, to purchase football, netball, house banners, and a 2008 White Water Meadows Trophy.

    We thank you for your contribution.

    Andrea Golding
    Public Relations Office

  • Payment for security service now due

    Technology Plus - Payment Options for “Call In Panic Armed Response Service”

    This is a gentle reminder that payment for the captioned security service is now due. Listed below are the options available to assist you with payment to Technology Plus:

    •    Bank Lodgments at NCB # 212 671 754 (2 Oxford Place Branch)
    •    Bank Lodgments at Scotia Bank # 903 428 ( HWT Branch)
    •    Credit Card payment – visit office or telephone (Visa, Keycard, MasterCard)
    •    Cheque payment – payable to Technology Plus Limited
    •    Telemidas NCB – must state name and invoice 3 and advise Technology Plus
    •    Internet – state invoice number and name in description box and advise Technology Plus
    •    Salary Deduction – Forms to be issued on sign-up for service

    •    At Office – Technology Plus Limited

    Please call 926-6997 or 929-6519 for more information.

    Security Council
    White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association

  • Community Sports & Fun Day – October 20, 2008

    The Citizens’ Association will be staging its annual Sports & Fun Day, on Heroes Day, October 20, 2008, commencing 9:00 a.m.

    Sports Day Concept:
    1.    Each house must select two House Captains and Sports Coordinators
    2.    House Captains and Sports Coordinators must solicit participants for the various events.
    3.    Meetings will be held every Saturday Night from 7 p.m. until Sports Day to plan the event.

    Sports Day Events
    1.    Opening Parade and Cheer leading competition  - 20 points

    2.    Six-a-side (1/2 hour) football/Netball competition  - 5 points (per goal)
    3.    Races – 100m dash; 50m; Egg & Spoon, Crocus bag, Shoe & sock - 10 points
    4.    Relays - 10 points
    5.    Marathon (one lap around the Boulevard) - 20 points
    6.    Tug-a-war/ Cricket – x points
    7.    Best House Banner – 20 points
    8.    Best House vibes (cheering) – 20 points

    Fun Events:

    -    DJ & Signing competitions
    -    Domino Competitions
    -    Balloon Dances

    Food & Refreshments on sale!
    Please contribute $100.00 to assist with the cost of staging this community event.
    Contact : 391-6149 / 819-4564 / 296-1160 / 355-2713 / 819-3104
    To assist with planning the event and or to make a contribution


    Details below are the Houses in the order won last year:

     Red House - Nanny

     Green House – Sam Sharpe

     Yellow House – Garvey

     Blue House – Bogle

    White Water Blvd
    Summerlayton Place
    Portman Close

     Bayswater, Finchley
    Lincoln Crescent & Close,
    Lordship, Portman Mews

     Chadwick Garden
    Stanhope Road, Close and Place,
    Clinton Place

     Lumbsden Crescent
    Tudor Close, Basset
    Howard Avenue

  • Maintenance Budget

    Dues Collection Report

    We have produced a Budget to begin the proper maintenance of the community.  As you would agree, we must begin the task to “spruce-up” and roll out an environment maintenance plan for the community.

    The maintenance budget is approximately $130,000 for the first month; and $130,000 every two months thereafter; as the plan is to cut the green areas every eight weeks.

    In light of the foregoing, we detailed below the Dues collection as at July 25, 2008.  We have a far way to go, but as a community we are confident that we will all make our contribution to beautify and maintain our community environment.

    Each house is required to contribute $300 per quarter or a yearly contribution of $1000 towards maintaining the community environment.

    We will be collecting at the meeting this Sunday, July 27. You may also call 391-6149 or 819-304 to make a contribution.

    Let’s pay our Dues and mek fiwi community look and feel nice again.







     As at July 25

    As at August 31






     Zone 1




     WW Boulevard




     Summerlayton Place








     Zone 2




     StandHope Road




     StandHope Close




     StandHope Place




     Chadwrick Gardens








     Zone 3




     Lumsbden Cres.




     Tudor Close








     Zone 4




     Howard Avenue




     Basset Road












     Zone 5








     Lincoln Cres.








     Portman Mews




     Portman Close












    Basic Community Maintenance     Budget

    1    To cut Community Entrance    20,000.00
    2    To cut community Park    25,000.00
    3    To cut Football Field    15,000.00
    4    To cut Green Area - StandHope Place    20,000.00
    5    To cut Green Area - Portman Mews    15,000.00
    6    To cut Green Area - Howard Ave    9,000.00
    7    To cut Green Area - Basset    6,000.00
    8    To sweep the Boulevard once monthly    20,000.00
    9    To maintain Community Entrance / Park    0.00

        Total Monthly Expenditure    130,000.00
        Dues Required   
        $300.00 per quarter or $1000.00 per annum     

  • Benefit Performance – PUPALICK


    Kwanza Productions Limited is currently accepting benefit performance bookings from communities for the Aston Cooke’s play "PUPALICK". The play boasts the comedic talents of Dahlia Harris, Christopher (Johnny) Daley, Christopher McFarlane, Everaldo Creary and Zandriann Maye.

    By numerous accounts, the play is hilarious and thoroughly entertaining.

    We are seeking at minimum 150 residents to purchase tickets. The cost of the tickets is $1000 each.

    Proceeds from this event would be used to develop the Community Park.

    To purchase tickets please call 391-6149 / 819-3104.

     About Pupalick

     ‘Pupalick’ comes from the “Jamaica 2 Rahtid” series, and will provide the usual laughter and plenty 'bangarang'.  According to playwright Cooke, "PUPALICK is a high-energy and fun-filled satire which will mirror Jamaicans at their best, worst, nicest, sweetest and funniest".

     ‘Pupalick’ is a socio-political musical revue; a pot-pourri of colourful Jamaican characters, presented in a creative collection of sketches and songs covering a wide range of topical social, cultural and political issues of the time.

    It follows on the heels of Cooke's highly successful production of the award-winning comedy “Concubine”, which played to sold-out houses in Jamaica and North America up to early 2008.

    ‘Pupalick’ is directed by Michael 'Stringbeans' Nicholson and boasts a cast of fine Jamaican actors, including the 2007 Best Actress Dahlia Harris, Comedy Buss presenter Christopher (Johnny) Daley, Actor Boy Supporting Actor Christopher McFarlane, Everaldo Creary and Zandriann Maye. 

    Grub Cooper of the Fab 5 band is responsible for the musical component, while veteran choreographer Barbara McDaniel is staging the movements for the musical numbers.

  • Private mail boxes in our community

    The Association was contacted by the Post and Telegraph Corporation about the erection of mailboxes in our community. They will be coming to inspect the community to identify a suitable location for the erection of the containment (including the mailboxes). The erection would be at their cost. The only thing that the Community would need to do is provide the land. This would mean consultation with the developer CanCara Development Ltd (who still owns the land) for permission to erect same on the chosen site. The corner of Bassett Road and White Water Boulevard seems like a good location (this is not cast in concrete)

    The factors that they will take into consideration for site location

     1) Whether the Community is gated or not - They prefer a gated community.

    2) How near we are to the main road- will the boxes be exposed to the main road (Old Harbour Road)?

    3) The security of the proposed location.


    A date for the inspection has not yet been communicated to us.

    Cost of Service

    The service in the first year would cost the resident $3200 which is broken down as follows:  $2500 for the box and a deposit of $700 for the key which is refundable when the person wishes to terminate the contract and return the key.



    Before they embark upon any construction they would want to see the viability of the project and as such would want to have secured contracts with residents for at least a year. As to how many boxes would depend on the amount of secured contracts.

    They are willing to be at our next meeting to field questions and to provide additional information.

    We will keep you posted and provide additional information on our website as soon as it becomes available. Please pass this information to your neighbours who do not have internet access


    Mr. Wayne Gentles
    White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association

  • Update on Community Security Plan 2008


    2008 May 13

    Dear Residents:

    Update – Security Service

    Further to our communication of May 05, 2008, we thought it timely to provide an update on the security service:

    Commitment to date:

    •    To date 215 persons have made commitment for the provision of the security service.  The target is 300 household.  This means we are 29% below target. We are confident of closing this gap on or before July 01, 2008. Please sign up now!

    Provision of Service:

    •    The basic service entails a 24 hour community patrol. The patrol team will set up a base within the community thus allowing for a five minutes or less response time. All “hot spot” areas will be given priority security attention. 

    •    Additionally, two authorized members of your household cellular phone will be programmed with a quick response number for Technology Plus for use in the event of an emergency.

    Commencement date:

    •    June 01, 2008

    Cost of Service:

    •    The cost of the service is currently $1,500 per month inclusive of GCT


    Payment Plan:

    •    Technology Plus is presently delivering invoices to residents who have made commitment for the service.  Invoices will be dispatched quarterly in advance.  Payments can be made monthly or quarterly.  Where and how payments can be made will be communicated shortly.

    Technology Plus will be in the community this weekend; Saturday and Sunday from 4:30-6:00 p.m. please ensure you’re your neighbors to sign up for the service.

    The Vision for Community Security:

    •    Once the Technology Plus security service has started, we will focus our efforts on a fundraising drive to fence the hotspot areas along the train line, park/ canal area and the walk-thru along Standhope Road.

    •    Additionally, we expect to enhance the service over the medium term with the provision of a security guard at the gate. These measures will enhance the effectiveness of the security service and help to create a safe and harmonious community we call home. Your commitment and support is critical to the realization of this vision so let us all play our part.

    Respectfully Yours

    Ruel Cole                   

    Executive Member                       
    Head of Security Council           

  • Community Security Plan 2008

    Please download a copy of the  available security packages offered by Technology Plus for our proposed community security plan.

    Please note that Option #4 represents the best deal as it is the most basic and affordable. Option #4 will however require a minimum of 300 participants for its implementation. This will give us a lot for the cost. This will include 24 hrs patrol, call in panic alarm, and the response team will be based in the community, which should significantly reduce their response time when there is an emergency.

    Also please be advised that sales representatives from Technology Plus will be re-visiting the community to speak to and sign-up residents for the security service. This will be done at the security post (atthe entrance of the scheme), this Sunday May 11th, 2008 from 2 pm to 6 pm.
    Please make every effort to sign up and be apart of this community security initiative.


    Rule Cole
    Head – Security Committee

  • Update on Community Initiatives

    We thought it timely to provide an update on the following community initiatives:


    1.         Football Fiesta:

    This event took place on March 24, 2008. The event was well planned and organized but the financial results were disappointed as the large out turn expected from the residents of White Water Meadows and the surrounding communities to support the event did not materialize.


    We provide details of the financial results as under:

    Sponsorship – COK


    Income from sale of bottles




    Cash Sale




    Cost of staging Event ( loan repayment)




     * Carrying Stock valuation at cost $12,000.00


    2.         “Spruce-up” Community Campaign:

    This initiative is a response to growing concerns expressed by residents that the community environment is in a deplorable condition; evidenced by the lack of a proper system to cut and maintain the Park, Community Entrance and Football Field.


    The solution to this problem is to collect Dues and use this pool of funds to landscape and maintain the community environment. To get everyone in the know, we have started with a promotional campaign; by now most persons would have read, seen or heard of the “Spruce-Up Community” campaign through the banner display, newsletter, e-mail updates and aerial announcements.


    We have started with four Road Monitors to assist with the collection of Dues but will require much more persons to assist with the collection – at least two persons per road.




    It is time everyone becomes a Road Monitor to assist with this spruce-up community environment imitative. Your responsibility will be to collect dues on your road two Sundays every quarter.  Please call 771-9057 / 391-6149.


    To date, we have collected approximately $31,000.00 and have not been able to reach   90% of the community due to insufficient Road Monitors.


    We will require approximately $90,000 per quarter for you to begin to see a real difference to our community environment. It is evidenced from the collection to date that had we have more persons collecting, the budget of $90,000.00 could have been surpassed.


    The vision is to use the funds collected quarterly to cut and maintain the park and football field; to landscape the community entrance, and to plant palms along the Boulevard.  This initiative will add civic pride and aesthetic value to our community environment. 


    Labour Day, May 23, 2008 is scheduled for the “Spruce-up” community environment project as follows:


    1.                  The overgrown bush along the community entrance will be burnt.

    2.                  The Security Post and the entrance gate will be given a facelift, that is to say, repainted.

    3.                  Christmas palms will be planted along the first 150 metres of the Boulevard.


    Detailed below is the budget:

    Source of Funds


    Dues  Collected                          $31,761.00

    To repaint Security Post                      $8,000.00

    Surplus from Football Fiesta        $9,385.00

    To purchase two large Palms          $15,000.00


    To purchase 16 small Palms           $11,200.00


    To purchase 10 Duranthagold          $1,500.00


    Transportation                                  $3,000.00

    Total                                           $41,146.00

    Total                                               $38,700.00


    The Planning Committee solicits your contribution in cash, labour or kind towards this important community beautification. The “Spruce-up” initiative is an important one as our community has entered the BEST Community Competition and it is therefore even more important that everyone starts to carry out their own beautification within their immediate surroundings.




    1. BEST Community Competition:

    White Water Meadows has entered the Best Community Competition. We have entered in three categories:


    1. Community & Park Beautification
    2. Community Website
    3. Sports & Youth Development


    The Grand prize is $2,000,000 and we are confident that our community has a very good chance of winning in one of the three categories.


    The “Spruce-up” initiative will help greatly in the category of Community & Park Beautification.


    The recently held “Football Fiesta” will assist greatly in the category of Sports & Youth Development.


    The Community Website is our best chance of winning the competition, however there is one important aspect that must be done, and that is to collect e-mail addresses for all the residents within the community.  The Planning Committee has increased the e-mail addresses from 60 to 140 but we need to significantly improve on this. Please assist us in this regard, by collecting e-mail addresses on your road and call us to collect it.


    4. Environment Foundation of Jamaica & Healthy Lifestyle Projects:

     The Planning Committee is currently working on two proposals for the captioned Social Agencies:

     The first is for the complete landscaping and beautification of our Community Park and green areas. The second is for the construction of a 350 metre jogging track, netball and basket ball courts. These proposals are approximately 60% complete, but we require your assistance to help us to meet the April 25th deadline.


    5. Youth Club

    We would like to revive the Youth Club and the following personnel are needed:

      1. President (1)
      2. Vice President – Sports & Events
      3. Vice President –  Fundraising & Administration
      4. Responsible Officer – Football
      5. Responsible Officer – Netball
      6. Events Coordinators (4)


    We encourage you to be a member of the Planning Team and or to help / contribute towards above initiatives.


    Andrea Golding                                  Donald Tomlinson

    PRO & Planning Committee                    Planning Committee

    771-9057                                                                                  391-6149

  • update on the Football Fiesta



    March 18, 2008

    Dear Residents: 

     Update –  Football Fiesta  - 6 Days to Go !!

    We thought it timely to provide an update on the Football Fiesta:

    By now everyone should be cognizant of this community Sporting event scheduled for Easter Monday, March 24, 2008 starting time 9:00 a.m.

     The day will be an exciting one with football matches all day from four competing c

    • White Water Meadows
    • Magil Palm
    • Syndham Villa
    • Inns wood

    Come out and cheer on your favourite under 15 and senior teams…music will be provided by ace DJ selector, Mark Watson, formally of ROOTS 96.1 FM. Food and liquor on sale!!

    Bring your family and friend to the event and enjoy a full day of the glorious game of football!!!

    Football Fiesta is brought to you by: The White Water Citizen’s Associationbuilding the ultimate in community living! 

     Digicel…. The bigger, better network and COK….invest in your future today!

    Please also note that COK will be setting up a booth at the event to provide information on various financial services, including home improvement loans, motor vehicle loans etc., so come prepared with your ID and TRN to sign up for any of these services.

    Andrea Golding                                  Donald Tomlinson

    PRO & Planning Committee          Planning Committee

    771-9057                                            391-6149

  • Technology Plus – Community Security

    Technology Plus Ltd. has been invited to speak at our General meeting this Sunday March 9, 2008 regarding community security , all residents are invited to come out and participate in the discussion.

  • Benefit Performance - "The STRENGTH OF A WOMAN"

    Benefit Performance - The STRENGTH OF A WOMAN

    The White Water Meadows Citizens' Association now have for sale tickets for a benefit performance of Andrew Roach's play "The STRENGTH OF A WOMAN". The play boasts the comedic talents of Volier Johnson, Chris Daley and Audrey Reid. The performance will be on Saturday, May 5 2007 at 6 pm at the Pantry Playhouse, 2 Dumfries Road, Kgn 10. Tickets cost J$1000. The proceeds will go towards our community development.
    By numerous accounts, the play is hilarious and thoroughly entertaining.

    What are people saying about this play:

    "Full of twists, Andrew Roach's 'Strength of A Woman' took its
    audience along a humorous path"

    "Volier and Audrey Reid had interactive chemistry on stage that
    kept the audience laughing throughout"

    How to purchase your tickets:

    Donald Tomlinson Tel#: 391-6149

  • New community security plan

    New security plan 

    By now every household in the community should have received a copy of a letter from the Citizens' Association Security Committee. The letter provides details on our new community security plan. This includes new security procedures, cost for the service, list of all road monitors and a copy of the service agreement.  If you have not received this letter, a copy is provided below.

     We welcome all comments and suggestions. Please leave comments or suggestions at the end of the letter.


    February 16, 2007

    Dear Residents:

    We write to update you on the new security plan.

    1. New Security Company
    Adams Security Management Unit Limited (A.S.M.U.) has been selected to provide security services for our community. We anticipate commencing the service March 1,2007.

    2. Service Agreement
    The Agreement is for 24hr security service with bicycle patrols during the days and at nights.

    3. Cost of the service
    The cost of service is currently $700.00 per house until May 2007 when the cost will be increased to $1,000 per house, due largely to a recent Government increase in security rates and the implementation of additional security features.
    The Guard at the Security Post will record incoming and outgoing motor vehicle licence information. All visitors will be logged and issued a Visitor's Pass. The bicycle security will patrol the community day and night. Frequent checks will be made on the hot spot areas.

    The Guard at the Security Post will record incoming and outgoing motor vehicle licence information. All visitors will be logged and issued a Visitor's Pass. The bicycle security will patrol the community day and night. Frequent checks will be made on the hot spot areas.

    4.    Payment
    Payment is now required in advance, therefore we will be collecting on the 24 and 25 February 2007 to have the required funds to make the first payment in March 2007. The increased fee of $1,000.00 will be collected beginning April 25,2007.

    We again implore all to make your monthly payment on time; as we will not be able to implement the entire security system without your contributions.
    We have attached a list outlining the Road Monitors and Zone Supervisors. Please call your respective Zone Supervisor for any further information. A General Security Meeting will be held at a date to be announced, to outline in detail the new security plan.


    Annex 1

    To make the new security system effective the following will be implemented:

    1. All residents will be required to obtain their motor vehicle stickers. (Please call your
    Road Monitor if you have not yet purchased your Motor vehicle Stickers.)

    2. All residents will be required to obtain their community identification card. (This will be
    implemented shortly and details of how to obtain it will be communicated to you.)

    3. A telephone will be located at the Security Post. The number is (876) 578-2407. (This number is to contact the security when there is an emergency or to notify the guard whenever you are expecting a visitor.)

    4. Residents' vehicle pass will be issued to all residents with motor vehicle, by the guard at the Security Post, upon entering the community, and should be handed back to the guard upon leaving the community. (This Pass must never be kept /left in your motor vehicle.)

    5. Visitors' vehicle pass will be issued to all visitors with motor vehicle, by the guard at the Security Post, upon entering the community, and should be handed back to the guard upon leaving the community. (This Pass must never be kept/left in your motor vehicle.)

    6. All vehicles entering and leaving the community are required to stop at the security post
    for occupants' verification and for the necessary security checks and clearance to be done.

    7. Between the hours of 11:01 pm and 4:59 am, all vehicles entering and leaving the community, will be thoroughly checked by the guard at the security post, before security clearance is given.

    8. All visitors should know the address and the name of the resident they are going to visit and where possible, residents should call the security post prior to the arrival of the visitor, so as to confirm the expected visitor.

    9. Residents who employ personnel to do work in the community for three months or more on a continuous basis (Gardeners, Helpers, Contractors, etc), should obtain a Visitors' pass for them.

    10. Residents are required to sign the attached Resident Agreement to show their willingness to participate in the community's effort to adequately secure our properties.

  • Scheduled meeting with Can-Cara

    The Executive body of the White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association will be meeting with Can-Cara Development on Monday February 12, 2007 at 5:30 pm at their head office at 8 Cargill Avenue.
    The purpose of this meeting is to discuss several outstanding issues, namely our perimeter fencing, incomplete park, water and sewage problems etc. Please see letter below:


    February 8, 2007

    Mr. Wayne Gentles
    White Water Citizens Association
    White Water
    St. Catherine

    Dear Sir,

    This is to confirm a meeting Can-Cara /Executive members of the White Water Citizens Association scheduled for Monday February 12, 2007 at 5.30 pm at 8 Cargill Ave.

    Matters to be discussed and finalized include 'inter alia'

            1)  Outstanding issues – White Water development
            2)  Water and Wastewater services.
    Yours truly,

    Can-Cara Environment Ltd.


    Thorant Hardware (Mr.)
    Managing Director.  


    Cc. Mr. Junior Lincoln - Can-Cara Development
        Mr. Mike Young - Can-Cara Development
        Mr. Perry Hudson - Can-Cara Environment Ltd

  • Neighbourhood Watch Meetings

    Dear Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators,
    In keeping with the mandate of the Neighbourhood Watch Program, the team has decided to keep three Neighbourhood Watch Meetings to bring  awareness and understanding as  to how the program will work effectively. The Community Safety and Security Unit from The Jamaica Constabulary Force will be present at these meetings.
    The first meeting : SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15th , 2009
                            Time  : 4:30 pm
                            Place : Intersection of WHITE WATER BLVD and STANHOPE ROAD

    The second meeting : TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17th, 2009
                        Time  : 7:00 pm
                            Place  : intersection of BASSETT ROAD and FINCHLY ROAD

    The third meeting  : THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 2009
                     Time    : 7:00pm
                     Place   : LINCOLN CRESCENT/LINCOLN CIRCLE

    Please tell your neighbours and encourage everyone to attend these meetings.
    David Turner
    Security Council

  • Best Community Competition Judging

    Please be informed that Judges of the BEST Community Competition will be visiting our community on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 10:00 am. Members of the Association will be making a presentation as to why we should be considered the best community.

    In light of this, we are seeking persons to volunteer to cut the park and the community entrance, this Saturday, February 14, 2009 starting at 6:00 a.m.

    Please ensure that the content of this communiqué is brought to the attention of your neighbours who do not have access to internet services.

    We thank you for your usual kind support.


    Executive Team



    Here’s a great Opportunity

    Advertise your Products and Services:

    •    School bus Operators
    •    Plumbers
    •    Electricians
    •    Painters
    •    Gardeners
    •    Small business operators etc.

    Pay your $1000 p.a. membership dues and get four (4) months FREE advertisement.  

    * Conditions apply.

    Call 391-6149 / 771-9057

  • Community Dues

    Community Dues for 2009 for all residents are now due. This is a one-time payment of $1,000. Once payment is made in full, residents  will be entitled to four months free advertisement on the community website.  Please make use of this opportunity to promote your  products or services. The timely payment of  dues will assist us in achieving the community objectives for 2009. Please call
     391-6149 / 819-3104 or email to make arrangements to pay your dues.


    The White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association and The Community Relations Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force will officially launch The NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH programme for White water Meadows.

    When: Sunday December 28, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.
    Where: The White water Meadows Community Park

    You are cordially invited to attend and become part of this effective Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Programme.

    Please tell your neighbour and urge them to attend.


  • Cutting of the Community’s Entrance

    December 15, 2008           

    Dear Residents:

    Cutting of the Community’s Entrance

    Over the past eight weeks, we have devoted our attention to the cutting of the Park and Football Field. Today, we are happy to report that the Park is almost 90% complete.

    We thank all those persons who came and supported this task.

    During the course of this week, we will focus our attention on cutting the community’s entrance. Again, we will require your support to complete this task by this weekend; just in time for the Christmas Holiday.

    In light of this, we are requesting contributions from residents to complete this task.

    Please call the following persons to make a contribution by the latest Thursday, December 18, 2008. This will give us adequate time to organize the personnel for the task.

    Donald Tomlinson, Treasurer – 391-6149

    Ruel Cole, President - 819-3104

    Andrea Golding, PRO – 771-9057

  • Clean up and Fundrasing Events

    Dear Residents
    Please note that following events will be taking place this Saturday, November 08, 2008. As usual we are asking for your participation and support:

    1.    Cutting of the Park & Football Field:
    Once again, we will commence the cutting of the Park and the Football Field, on Saturday, November 8, 2008 @ 6:00 a.m. The cutting of the Football Field is even more important as the Sports Development Foundation has given the Citizen’s Association two weeks to have the field cut; this time period expires on the weekend.

    In light of this, we are seeking assistance from the residents to meet this deadline:

    1.    Assistance to cut the field in terms of labour and equipment.
    2.    Contribution in cash to purchase gasoline and water.
    3.    Donation of garbage bags.

    The Citizen’s Association is in discussions with the Sports Development Foundation to build a multi-purpose court, on the football field. The representative from SDF requires the cutting of the field for citing and measuring of the area.

    2.    Sports Club – Car Wash Fundraising Event:
    The White Water Sports Club will be staging a car wash fundraiser this Saturday, November 08, 2008 commencing at 9:00 a.m. Proceeds from this event will be used to purchase gears for the netball team.

    Ruel Cole

  • Community Labour Day Project

    This year's Labour Day Project will be on Saturday and Sunday May 23 & 24 starting at 7:00 a.m.   The project will focus on sprucing up the park to return it to its glory days.
    To make this year's project successful we are asking for donations in the form of:

    • Your time to participate in the sprucing up
    • Rakes
    • Plants
    • Weed whackers
    • Lawn mowers
    • Water

    In addition we are seeking the donation of the following plants:

    • 15 Hybrid Bougainvillea
    • 5 Pouri Trees - yellow, white, Lilac -  must be at least 3 ft. tall
    • 3 Guango Trees - must be at least 3 ft. tall.


    To confirm your participation or to make a donation please email us at or call 391-6149

    Warmest regards,
    Executive Team

  • Stolen Compressor

    This is an advisory from a fellow homeowners, Marvia and Jeffrey:


    A Craftman Compressor was stolen from our house while we were away for the week-end(Easter).

    Craftman Compressor
    Model No: 919-184-190
    Capacity: 60 gallons

    If anyone has seen it contact: Jeffrey at 416-4518
    or The Spanish Town Police Station: 984-2874

    Thanks in advance
    Marvia & Jeffrey

  • Can-Cara Environment at the Park

    Please be advised that Can-Cara Environment will be at the Park on Sunday, July 5, 2009 from 12 midday to 4 p.m. to facilitate the sign up of
    sewage contracts and payment of outstanding sewage fees.

    Payment for sewerage service

    Dear Resident,
    The office of Can-Cara at the entrance of the scheme will be open this Saturday, April 25, 2009 from 10 am to 3 pm to facilitate payments for sewerage service.
    Please make every effort to make your payment.
    Warmest regards,
    Executive Team

  • Cable & Wireless at the Park

    Cable & Wireless will be at the Park on Sunday, June 28, 2009 from 12 noon to facilitate the sign up of customers for their landline services.
    Please take the opportunity to sign up for these services.

  • Notice of General Meeting

    Notice is hereby given that an Emergency General Meeting will be held on Sunday December 13, 2009 starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Park.
    The agenda includes:
    Update on the handing over of items to the current Executive
    Update on Compliance with the Companies Office of Jamaica
    Update on Project: Bordering the Community Entrance
    Update on Project: Lights in the Park
    Christmas Carolling 2009
    Childrens' Treat: January 3, 2010

    Please make every effort to attend. 

    Warmest Regards,

    Avionne Anderson

  • Items Found in Sewage System

    It has been reported that pampers, condoms, sanitary napkins etc are still seen coming up in the sewage system. We are asking all persons not to put these things in the system as it will cause blockage and damage the sewage pump and cause it to be inoperative.
    Let us do our part to keep the sewage system working.

  • Membership Drive

    The Citizens’ Association is on a drive to renew its membership, and revive member participation in the affairs of the Community.
    With this mind we have prepared the attached membership application form which we are inviting you (new and existing members) to complete, in order to regularize our records and be in a position to pass on useful and critical information to you as it becomes necessary.
    You may complete the form and reply via email or hand it to the Secretary at the General Meeting.

    We are taking this opportunity to remind you that membership dues are a $100 (monthly); $300 (quarterly) or a one- time annual payment of $1,000. Those members who have been contributing, but have not yet paid up the full fee, may contact the Treasury unit at 391-6149 or 861-7929 for their outstanding amount. 
    Let’s re-commit to working together to make this Community one that we are truly happy to call HOME.

  • Jerk Fund Raising Event

    Update: Please be advised that due to the inclement weather the Finger Licking Jerk Event has been postponed to Saturday, May 30, 2009 starting at 4:00 p.m. 


      May 25, 2009 at the Football Field


    Starting time: 12:00 p.m.

    Jerk Chicken, Sprat, Festival, Soup and Liquor  

    Entertainment all day! the vibes, Labour Day, May 25

    All proceeds from this event will support the Lighting-the-Park Project
    Participate and give back to your community!

  • GSAT Awards Ceremony

    The Public Relations Office of the White Water Meadows Citizens' Association is pleased to announce the GSAT Awardees that were honoured at our 4th Annual Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) Award Ceremony on September 13, 2009.

    These are:

    Paula-Kay Allen, Temera Duncan, Donielle Jarrett, Amoie Hutchinson, Ramon Bingham, Giovanni Welch, Terry Pryce, Daniel Morgan, Nicholas Richards and Roman Carr.

    We wish you continued success in your studies and once again congratulate you on a milestone achievement. 

    Best Regards,    

    Andrea Golding
    Public Relations Officer

  • Notice of Annual General Meeting

    Dear Residents, 

    Due to the inclement weather experienced yesterday the AGM has been postponed to Sunday, September 27, 2009.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope that you will be able to attend.




    Avionne Anderson


  • Sports Day 2009 Results

    Hi Neighbours!,

    Thank you for the support received at our Sports Day on Monday October 19, 2009.

    Children, Teens and Adults participated in football, track and field and as well as lime and spoon and sack race. Team spirit was high and the support was truly felt. In the end the winning house was Garvey (Yellow) and the points standings were as follows:

    1st.    Yellow House, Garvey:            286 points
    2nd    Blue House, Bogle:                 130 points 
    3rd     Red House, Nanny:                100 points
    4th     Green House, Sam Sharpe:      84 points

    Participants who were placed 1st and 2nd who did not receive their certificates are asked to come to the General Meeting this Sunday November 1, 2009 to collect. Children ages 2-4 who did not receive their certificates for 1st to 4th place are also being asked to come to collect their certificates.

    Please continue to check on the website to view pictures of the event.

    Once again, thank you for supporting the event.


    Sports Day 2009 Schedule








    8:00 am to 12:00 noon

    All Houses - Junior & Senior teams




    Domino Competition

    10:00 a.m. Until

    Participants from all houses




    Ludo Competition

    10:00 a.m. Until 

    Participants from all houses




    Children Races  

    12:00 -2:00 pm.


    * 50 Metre races


    3-6 yrs. 

    * 100 Metre races


    7-15 yrs

    * Egg & Spoon


    7-15 yrs

    * Potato races


    7-15 yrs

    * Relays


    7-15 yrs

    * Crocus Bag races


    7-15 yrs




    Netball Competition

    12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

    Teams from all houses




    Presentation of Certificates






    Fun Competitions

    2:30p.m. - 3:30p.m.

    Participants from all houses

    * Bun Eating Competition



    * Balloon Dance Competition



    * Mummy Wrap Competition






    Judging of the House Banners

    3:00p.m. - 3:15p.m.

    All Houses




    Presentation of Certificates

    4:00 p.m.





    Adult Races

    3:30p.m. - 5:30p.m.


    * Senior Citizens race


    55 and Over

    * Egg & Spoon races


    16 and Over

    * Potato races


    16 and Over

    * Relays


    16 and Over

    * Crocus Bag race


    16 and Over




    Presentation of Certificates

    5:00 p.m.





    Other Events



    * Tug-a-War

    5:30p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    Participants from all houses

    * Marathon 

    5:30p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    Participants from all houses

    *Senior Football Competition 

    6:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.





    Presentation of Certificates





  • Children's Treat- Thank You

     The Executive Committee would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! To all residents; companies and individuals, who assisted (whether in cash or kind) in making the Children's Treat, held on Sunday January 3, 2010, a tremendous success! (Please view pictures of the event here).

    These include:

    Continental Baking Company Limited (through their National and Homade Brands)

    Mr. Lloyd Cole - Councillor/Caretaker for the Sydenham Division (representing the PNP)

    GlaxoSmithKline (through their Ribena brand)

    A. Heirs

    Albert Fray

    Andrea Cameron

    Andrea Rhoden Clarke

    Ann Marie Bankasing

    Annette Robinson

    Aretha Braithwaite


    Aubyn Sibbles


    Beverly Shaw

    Byron & Faithlyn Hines

    C. Duffus



    Contributor #389

    D. Pinto

    Dawn Miller

    Deniese Sealey


    Devon Thawe

    Diane Bent



    Dwight Ross

    Elaine Fuller

    F D Garvey

    G Bingham

    Gary & Joy Simms

    Gilmore Frazer


    Hyacinth Maitland

    Jermaine Williams


    Julie Wilks

    Karen Allen

    Lana Dennis

    Loleta Edwards

    Malcon Brown

    Marcia James

    Marlene Campbell

    Marsha Johnson


    Mary McGregor

    Melonie Edwards


    Mr. Duncan

    Mr. Robinson


    Paul Davis

    Paulette Hart

    Pauline Palmer

    Peter Baker

    Raquel Blake

    Resident #61

    Richard Brown

    Richard Henry


    Ruth Nash




    Sharon Barrett




    Tessa Morris

    The Campbells

    The Crearys

    The Plummers

    The Ramdeens

    Wayne Daniels

    Wayne Gentles

  • Benefit Performance: Puppy Love

    The Association has reserved Wednesday April 21, 2010 @ 8.30 pm for a benefit performance of a remake of the play PUPPY LOVE. If this venture is successful, the association will make a profit of $78,000.

    Please note that the play has a PG rating of 15 (i.e. not recommended for Children under the age of 15 without adult supervision), and while the scenes are not graphic, parents should determine if they wish to take younger children with them.

    Please join us in making this a success, by buying/ selling at least two tickets (per household) at a cost of $1,200 per ticket. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time. You may send an email to or call Janet @ 8617929 to reserve your tickets.

    Looking forward to your full support!

    See below for details about the play:

    Cast : Oliver Samuels, Dahlia Harris, Earl Brown and Natalee Cole

    Prolific playwright Patrick Brown is at it again. This time with a revival of his romantic comedy "Puppy Love", which last played some 8 years ago - 2002.

    "Puppy Love" is centered around a sultry and precocious 18 year old - Karen "Kar Kar" Cross (Natalee Cole), who under the influence of peer pressure, becomes romantically involved with her father's best friend Dick (Oliver Samuels), a man who is fast approaching 60 years of age.

    This romantic intrigue creates a nightmare for her overly protective father Harry Cross (played by Earle Brown) who when he finds out swears that he has been double-crossed. The situation drives a wedge between the two men, who apart from being best friends for years are also business partners.

    Poor Dick tries desperately to repel Karen's predatory advances, but weakens and gets sucked into the situation. After years of a boring marriage Karen's affectionate attention and sexy allure is like a breath of fresh air and Dick inhales perhaps a little too much. This obviously holds the potential of dire consequences for his marriage of 30 years to Denise (Dahlia Harris) and his camaraderie with Harry which predates Karen's 18 years on earth.

     Harry too finds himself in a quandary, as his ongoing liaisons with girls of Karen's age rob him of a moral ground on which to base his objections. 

     Denise turns out to be the only hope for a stabilizing agent in a confused situation, but she faces her own moments of indecision. Does she walk away from her partner of 30-odd years because of his indiscretion, or does she stand by her man irrespective?

     Playwright Brown answers some of the piercing questions, leaving others for the audience to ponder.

     "Puppy Love" opened on Wednesday March 24 at the PANTRY PLAYHOUSE on Dumfries Road in New Kingston for a 4-week stint, after which it will embark on an overseas tour which will include stops in Toronto, Montreal, Houston, London, and several other cities in the United Kingdom.

  • Community Outreach Day


    DATE: April 30, 2010



    The starting time for the fair will be 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.








    April 30, 2010

    10 :00 am 4 : 00 p.m

    Consumer Affairs


    Educate consumers




    Ministry of  Labour & Social Security





    Registrar General

    Department (RGD)

    Registration of births (certificates)***




    Inland Revenue Department

    Registration for TRN Card




    Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning





    St. Catherine Health Department

    HIV/AIDS  Counseling / Testing




    Lions Club

    Eye Screening

    Blood pressure test

    Blood sugar test




    National Youth Service










    St. Catherine  Public Health Department


    Pap Smear test

    Breast Examination

    V.T Vaccine               Test


  • Demonstrations at CanCara Offices

    Source: Jamaica-gleaner

    SEVERAL PLACARD-BEARING residents from the White Water Meadows Housing Development in Old Harbour, St Catherine, gathered at the CanCara Development Agency on Cargill Avenue in Kingston on February 22.

    The residents journeyed to Kingston to protest what they describe as unsuitable living conditions in their community. Winston Chin, president of the White Water Meadows Housing Development Association, said

     that necessary amenities such as proper sewerage facilities have not been constructed since the community was developed by CanCara in 2001. "The main issue is our main entrance road which has not been paved and is now full of potholes, and the second issue is the inadequate sewerage system where we have raw sewage flowing into our main drain," Chin said. The residents also complained that their community is incomplete as a community centre and a shopping centre, which were promised to them, are yet to be constructed. "We do not have proper water facilities, the water pressure is so low that we find it difficult to take a bath or even do laundry," one resident said.

  • Hurricane Dean to impact Jamaica by Sunday

    Hurricane Dean continues to spin west and is a Category 4 or "major" hurricane with wind speeds in excess of 145 mph. Additional strengthening is expected tonight and it could be a threat to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba this weekend.

    Hurricane Checklist (Print and Go)


    * The designated emergency shelter for residents of White Water is the Innswood High School (located on the Heartlands Rd.)

    * Your Parish Disaster Co-ordinator can be contacted at 984-3111-2/4051(St. Catherine)

    * JPS Emergency Number 1-888-225-5577

    * Request trucking of water Mr. Jackson at Tel #990-0071

    * Police 119 or Spanish Town Police Station 984-3164

    * Weather Bulletins 116

    * Met Office 924-8005\ 929-9694

  • OUR Public forum on proposed 44% increase in Water Rates

    OUR Public forum on proposed 44% increase in Water Rates

    OUR Public forum on proposed 44% increase in Water Rates

    The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) will be hosting a Public forum in Spanish Town on the proposed 44% increase in Water Rates to the National Water Commission (NWC). 

    Please attend this meeting to give your views on the impending increase.

     VENUE: Arians Restaurant
                  Spanish Village,
                  Twickenham Park
                  Spanish Town
    DATE:    Monday February 11th, 2008
    TIME:    6:00pm

    OUR Flyer:


    The OUR will be holding a series of consultations on the application from the National Water Commission (NWC) for a tariff review. The tariff application is  available on the OUR’s web site at and from our Information Centre.

    This is your chance to examine the NWC’s proposals and make suggestions about the Guaranteed Standards.

    For instance, should the payment for breaches of the Guaranteed Standards be automatic, should there be compensation for wrongful disconnection and are the standards still relevant? Copies of the Guaranteed Standards are available from NWC Customer Service offices as well as the OUR.

     VENUE: Arians Restuarant
                  Spanish Village,
                  Twickenham Park
                  Spanish Town
    DATE:    Monday February 11th, 2008
    TIME:    6:00pm 

     For further information contact the Consumer and Public Affairs Division Call: 1888-CALL OUR

  • OUR Public Consultations on JPS Tariff Review

     Source:  Office of Utilities Regulation

    The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) will be hosting a Public forum in Spanish Town on the application from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) for a tariff increase.

     VENUE: Arians Restaurant
                  Spanish Village Plaza,
                  Twickenham Park
                  Spanish Town
    DATE:    Wednesday, May 6, 2009
    TIME:    5:30pm

    Residents of White Water Meadows to Carry Out Beautification Project for Labour Day

    Residents of White Water Meadows to Carry Out Beautification Project for Labour Day
    Wednesday, May 21, 2008


    Residents of White Water Meadows in Old Harbour, St. Catherine will use Labour Day 2008 to carry out a major beautification exercise at the entrance of the community.

    President of the community's security council, Ruel Clarke, told JIS News that this year "we decided to beautify the entrance, plant some palm trees, paint the sleeping police, the security post, the entrance gate, the columns and the sidewalks, and everything around."

    He said that every effort would be made to secure a large turnout of residents. "We're going to make the work fun. We're going to have music and make it a kind of social, so we're sure that we're going to have a lot of people turning out," he noted.

    He said that the workday would start from as early as 6:00 a.m. and citizens with dump trucks, back-hoes, and other equipment have given their commitment to make them available. Garbage bags have already been secured for the collection of refuse, while paints and plants will be provided.

    Mr. Clarke noted that the beautification work would fast track efforts by the community to enter the Best Community Competition.

    Mr. Clarke, in the meantime, applauded the Government's thrust for Labour Day, which is to encourage Jamaicans to plant backyard gardens. "Most people here, when they first got their houses, they planted things like banana, okra, callaloo, cabbage, tomato, orange, lime, plantain, pumpkin, gungu peas, and stuff like that," he told JIS News.

    Labour Day 2008 is being observed on May 23 under the theme: 'Eat what we grow and grow what we eat'.

  • Letter to Mayor of Spanish Town

    July 23, 2007

    His Worship
    The Mayor of Spanish Town   
    Dr Andrew Wheatley
    St Catherine Parish Council
    Spanish Town, St Catherine 

    Dear Sir,

    The Whitewater Meadows Citizens' Association is faced with the problem of illegal and unregulated commercial activities been carried on in our community.

     The residents have complained bitterly, to the Association, that such activities have caused undue pedestrian traffic through their property. It also leads to a devaluation of

    their property and may pose a significant problem in the future should they wish to sell.

    We recognize that this is a breach of the covenant signed by homeowners when purchasing their property.

    We therefore crave your intervention in stemming the possible opening of others, while with your help we close the existing ones.


    Yours truly,

    Wayne Gentles

  • Letter to Can-Cara Development

    The Manager
    Can-Cara Development Ltd.
    8 Cargill Avenue
    Kingston 10

    February 13, 2006

    Dear Mr. Lincoln

    Please find attached a letter which was faxed to your office ten months ago and to date nothing has been done to appease the residents

    or reduce their suffering. What is done however is to inflict more suffering on the residents which is now at the breaking point.
    We have now decided that we are fed up of the promises and are asking that the items mentioned below be addressed in one week’s time from the date of the letter.

    At a meeting on August 24, 2005 we were assured that these outstanding matters would have been addressed after November 2005 when a ruling would have been made at the Arbitration between Can-Cara Limited and Magil Construction Limited. We however, are not interested in the outcome of the ruling and would like for you to take a look at the Joint Venture Agreement signed on May 24, 1996 between the Ministry of Housing and Can Cara Development Limited with special reference to the paragraph, with sub-heading FUNCTIONS OF THE DEVELOPER, SUBSECTION (iv); which reads as follows “with due dispatch construct all roads, curb walls, water supply systems and other infrastructure in accordance with the planning approvals granted”. We are of the opinion that there is no doubt as to which party is responsible for providing the roads in this development.

    The residents after coping with low water pressure and on some weekends no water at all must now be asked to put up with the dust nuisance caused from yet another excavation to lay water pipes  and having marl strewn all over the road ways and sand in their driveways. The residents of lots 45 and 48 are requesting that the access to their properties be restored without delay and all material be removed from their properties as well.

    The sewage is now been pumped into the storm drain and we are not sure as to how many households were not connected to the system due to the prevailing stench that permeates the community. Please see below the list of outstanding matters which needs your immediate attention.   

    • The main drain needs cleaning and to be concreted.
    • The drain running parallel to the train line needs to be concreted for its entire length.                       
    • The stench of sewer in the community is unbearable and will need some attention.
    • The perimeter fencing parallel to the train line is incomplete.
    • There are neither plans nor drawings in place for a community centre.
    • The residents of the community are still experiencing fluctuations in theirelectricity supply whenever it rains and the winds gust more than normal.
    • Based upon the findings on Bayswater Crescent where sewer lines were not connected to the main lines we are demanding and investigation to ascertain how many more households were not connected.
    • The residents will not accept the shopping centre as is now proposed and are only willing to accept the original approved shopping centre or the building of same where the existing canefield is situated.               
    • The paving of the main entrance road and the repaving of other roads are still
    • Outstanding. The main entrance road is now reduced to pot holes.

    Thanks for your kind consideration in this matter.

    Sincerely yours

    Capt. Winston Chin                    

    White Water Meadows C A   

  • Letter to Editor - A disjointed Joint Venture

    The Editor

    We the residents of White Water Meadows are seeking your assistance in bringing our plight to the public and to see if this will cause the powers that be to undo the wrongs that have been done to us.
    Please find attached letter to the Minister of
    Housing,Transport, Water and Works.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.


    Winston Chin

    White Water Meadows Citizens' Association

    White Water Meadows Citizens' Association
    Lot 502 White Water Meadows
    Spanish Town P.O., Saint Catherine
    Tele: 870-2359 or 367-8904

    August 08, 2006

    The Honorable Robert Pickersgill, MP
    Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works
    138 Maxfield Avenue
    Kingston 10

    Dear Minister


    We are writing to you because, we have been suffering tremendously since March 2001 with the hope that you might find the time to pay some attention to our plight and use your good office to bring about some meaningful change to our community. It is important to note that all the agencies responsible for the development of our community are represented in your Ministry and this we believe should ensure that timely and effective decisions are made in resolving the difficulties we are experiencing.

    Please be informed that the White Water Meadows Housing Development which is located off the Hartlands main road, in Spanish Town Saint Catherine, is a Joint Venture Project between the MINISTRY OF HOUSING and Can Cara Development Limited.

    We would like to bring to your attention the Joint Venture Agreement signed on May 24, 1996 between the Ministry of Housing and Can Cara Development Limited. With regards to the roads, we would like to make specific reference to section 3 subsection       a (iv), with sub-heading FUNCTIONS OF THE DEVELOPER, SUBSECTION (iv); which states “With due dispatch construct all roads, curb walls, water supply systems and other infrastructure in accordance with the planning approvals granted”. We therefore have no doubt that CAN CARA Development is the party responsible for providing the roads and other infrastructure in this development, in addition to ensuring the completion of the said works.
    The residents have grown weary of writing letters and are demanding that immediate action be taken to remedy the many ills we have been experiencing since March 2001 to the present.  We regret to inform you that although we were promised that the development would have been completed by the year 2002 it is now 2006 and completion is still no where in sight.

    Some of our main concerns are as follows.

    •     Poor Roads and Drainage Infrastructure
    •     Sewerage treatment is non existent
    •     Water Supply is inadequate
    •     Electricity Supply is fluctuating on an hourly basis
    •     No shopping centre provided as was approved on original plans
    •     No community centre as was promised
    •     Main entrance road is yet to be paved
    •     Incomplete Park and Green Areas
    •     Perimeter fencing along train line incomplete
    •     Repairs to housing units not effected
    •     Roofing material on housing units already expired

    To ensure that you have a better understanding of what has transpired at this development please note below, in chronological order our colossal efforts to notify the relevant agencies and for them to take appropriate action. We are very disheartened to note that we have not had any success.
    {mospagebreak?title= Page 2}

    2001 March 25


    Residents upon moving in complained about the condition of the units with regard to the amount of cracks and the quality of the units.

     2001 October 01


    Petition sent to Magil Construction, National Housing Trust and to the Ministry of Housing and Environment

     2001 October 14

    Meeting held at the site office in the community which was followed by a tour highlighting the problems we were facing. Present at this meeting were the Presidents of Magil, Can-Cara and representatives of the Citizens’ Association

     2001 October 23


    Signing of MOU by the residents and representatives of Magil and Can-Cara to have all the items rectified. We waited with baited breath and the actions were few and or non existent. Since we had no meaningful improvements we contacted the Housing Ministry once again for assistance.

     2002 February 12


    The Association wrote to the then Project manager Mr. Alton Millwood and a meeting was scheduled to go through the motions once again.

     2002 February 28


    Meeting convened at the Ministry’s Hagley Park Road offices. Assurances were given once again that defects would be rectified and an undertaken was given to have structural testing done on the units to determine what effect, if any, the cracks had on the units.

     2002 March 13


    Report done by Hytech Associates Limited tendered and copies delivered to the offices of Magil and Can-Cara.

     2002 April 16


    Meeting held to discuss findings of the report and to make recommendations to rectify the defects. The meeting was aborted as the participants broke out in a brawl without discussing the contents of the report.

     2002 September 28


    The community again experienced extensive flooding from the rains produced by Hurricane Lili. Raw sewage flowed on the roads and into the storm drains causing homeowners to suffer from overflowing toilets in their homes.

     2002 October 24


    Meeting held at the Ministry of Water and Housing with all the stakeholders reporting, giving updates and time lines to rectify defects. Notes of meeting were prepared by the Technical Services Unit of the Ministry of Water and Housing.

     2002 October 29


    Letter to the Prime Minister, The Most Honorable P.J Patterson. This letter was then re directed to the Minister of Housing The Honorable Donald Buchanan for necessary action.

     2002 December 04


    Technical officer from the Ministry of Water and Housing along with consultant toured the community and met with the major stakeholders. See report attached to this document at annex I

     2003 March  16


    Report  of sewerage System serving White Water Meadows see attached report at annex II for your quick reference.

     2003 March 27


    Executive Summary on cracks in walls conducted by Samada Consultants and commissioned by the Ministry of Water and Housing at annex III.

     2003 June 13


     Representative from the National Water Commission Wastewater Operations unit, Magil Construction, The Ministry of Water and Housing along with residents toured the community to have a look at the drainage and sewerage system. The report from this visit is attached at annex IV and is dated September 10, 2003.

     2003 June 17


    Received copies of report on cracks from the Ministry of Water and Housing

     2003 July 09


    Meeting convened by the Ministry of Water and Housing to discuss findings of Samada’s report amongst other concerns. The meeting was chaired by the Permanent Secretary Mrs. Genefa Hibbert.  Commitments were given by the Developers to remedy all the outstanding defects but to date this has not been done. Notes for the meeting were prepared by the Technical Services Unit of the Ministry with a date of July 10, 2003.

     2003 October 12


    Representative from the Ministries of Health, NWC, Magil and Can-Cara attended our regular meeting to assure the residents that they were aware of the sewerage problems affecting the community. Commitments were again given to have the problem rectified, but, as had become the norm, this was another promise which has not been fulfilled.  The residents, at one of their general meeting, took the decision not to attend anymore meetings as this was a mammoth waste of time and the community was not seeing any benefit forthcoming from all the meetings and consultations done.

     2004 June 23


    Representatives from The National Housing Trust, Ministry of Water and Housing, Magil Construction, Can-Cara Development Limited and Citizens of White Water Meadows met at the Field Office of Can-Cara at White Water Meadows once again to highlight the problems we are having and it was again decided that the problems will be rectified. We were asked to produce a list with all the defects and we were promised that the defects would be dealt with. To date only about four households have had any repairs done to their homes. Attached is the list at annex V for your reference.


     The community suffered greatly from the Hurricanes and heavy rain fall which caused flooding in more than 100 units and no compensation was given to the home owners.



    The community was told that the developers, Can-Cara had filed a law suit against Magil Construction and there was nothing they could do before the arbitration was determined.

     2006 February 22


    Residents Demonstrated at the offices of Can-Cara Development Limited where we   were again promised that within three weeks they would have commenced all the road and drain works but to date the deplorable conditions of the roads remains. The fencing has not been and the drains were only partially cleaned.

     2006 May 10


    Media reported that Magil Construction filed for bankruptcy and their top officers may have left the Island.

     2006 July 18


    The Media reported that the court ruled in favor of Can-Cara Development Limited in arbitration awarding a sum of more that One Hundred and Sixty Five Million Dollars ($165,000,000).

    -                               -


      {mospagebreak?title= Page 3}

    We trust that the overwhelming evidence laid out above will somehow propel your Ministry into action to right the many wrongs we have been dealt over the last five years. It is our belief that we should not have to be paying legal fees to get the basic services that our taxes have already paid for. We have already paid out more than sixty thousand dollars ($60,000.00) in legal fees and are not prepared to pay anymore.

    Your prompt assistance in this matter is anticipated and we are ready to provide any assistance that may be required of us.   

    We also reserve the right to seek redress to this matter at other fora if a favorable response is not forthcoming.

    Yours truly,

     Residents of White Water Meadows in attached list of signatures.

        The Mayor Saint Catherine Parish Council
        The Honourable Fenton Ferguson, MP,  
        Your Issues Live c/o TVJ Mr. Michael Sharpe
        The Observer News Paper
        The Gleaner News Paper
        The Herald News Paper
        Nation Wide News

  • Letter to Mr. Everald Warmington

    October 17, 2006

    Mr. Everald Warmington   
    Member of Parliament,
    St Catherine South Western
    40 East Street
    Old Harbour, St. Catherine

    Dear Mr. Warmington:

    Re: Issues of the White Water Meadows Community

    We, the citizens of the White Water Meadows Housing Scheme have been plagued, and continue to be, with various problems affecting our community.
    We list just a couple that has been affecting us for about five years now

    1) Low water pressure that results in some residents having none in their pipes for prolonged periods

    2) Raw sewage flowing in storm drains and open trenches. This is due to a pump’s failure to work

    3) ad access  road – the Hartland Road was the scene of death of a policeman’s daughter caught in a shootout with gunmen.

    We crave you intervention in finding solution to the various problems.
    We invite you to our community meeting to be held on November 12 2006 at 4:30 pm in our community park.We are also taking this opportunity to invite the Councillors for Sydenham and the Church Pen Divisions, Mr Lloyd Grant and Mr. Gerral Weir respectively.Please free to contact the undersigned at telephone numbers 877-9757 or 978-8830 or Mrs. Janet Plummer – 861-7929 to confirm your participation.
    Please note that a letter detailing the same has been sent to His Worship, Mayor of Spanish Town Dr Andrew Wheatly.
    We await your prompt response.

    Yours truly,

    Wayne Gentles (Mr.)
    White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association

    Cc Mr. Lloyd Grant, Councillor Sydenham Division
    Cc Mr. Gerral Weir, Councillor Church Pen Division

  • Property damage due to flooding

    Around December 26th 2006 the Association was informed that Can-Cara Development was performing some test on the main supplying water to the community. Reports reaching the Association are that some residents suffered property damage as a result of flooding, due to burst pipes caused by the excessively high water pressure.

  • Break-ins

    Please be advised that these folks are taking their work very serious. I was informed that they are now cutting keys for grills that have padlocks on the outside and when no one is at home they open your lock and enter your home and treat themselves.

    Latest break-in took place this week and when the police arrived there were no prints so you can see how high tech they have gone.

  • Road Patching work

    May 3-4 2007

    Patching of pot holes on the community's entrance road was conducted on May 3-4 2007. This project was organised by one of our newly appointed road monitor, Mr. Rhoden. The project cost us approx. twenty two thousand dollars ($22,000.00). It was funded by a few residents who operate motor vehicles by means of contribution of no less than $500.00 each.

  • Letter

    July 23, 2007

    His Worship
    The Mayor of Spanish Town   
    Dr Andrew Wheatley
    St Catherine Parish Council
    Spanish Town, St Catherine 

    Dear Sir,

    The Whitewater Meadows Citizens' Association is faced with the problem of illegal and unregulated commercial activities been carried on in our community.

     The residents have complained bitterly, to the Association, that such activities have caused undue pedestrian traffic through their property. It also leads to a devaluation of

    July 23, 2007

    Mr. Thorant Hardware    
    Managing Director
    Cancara Environment Ltd
    10 Cargill Avenue
    Kingston 10

    Dear Mr. Hardware:

    Re: Non-operational Sewage Pump

     We, the Executive, inspected the pump house on Sunday July 22, 2007 and found it to be non-operational. The raw sewage is backed up in the pump house and overflows directly into the storm drains.

    This non-operation causes serious health issues as our children and residents use the facilities nearby, including the play field and the park. It also causes a strong foul smell to permeate our homes.

    The Association is concerned with the frequency of the non-operation of the pump, as your company seeks to provide sewage service to the community. Please note, this is the second time for the month of July that your pump has become non-operational.               

     We are also concerned that the bills been prepared for the month of July 2007 , will not reflect the periods of inactivity on your part in the delivery of what can best be described as an extremely poor example of service.

     Yours truly,

    Wayne Gentles (Mr.)
    White Water Meadows Citizens’ Association

    cc Office Utilities Regulations

  • Crocodile caught in White Water

    Below are pictures of a small crocodile that was caught in the irrigation canal adjacent to the Community Park on August 6 2007. The crocodile was handed over uninjured to personnel from NEPA.

    In light of this find, residents are advised to exercise caution when using the park.

  • Death of Ms. Leshene Martin

    The White Water Meadows Community would like to express sincere condolence to the family  and friends of the late Ms. Leshene Martin of lot 412 Finchley Road, who passed away on the 29th August, 2007. 

    Though we can’t feel your pain, we do share your sorrow
    May her soul rest in peace

    Funeral service: Sunday September 16, 2007 at 2 pm
    Church Service :The World Vision church of God 54 Scarlett road (off March Pen Road) Spanish Town St. Catherine.
    Interment follows at the Dovecot Memorial Park.

  • Health Department Stop Order

    This is to advise residents that the St. Catherine Health Department has recommends that the Parish Council place a stop order on houses under construction and on approval of building plans for the White Water Meadows Housing Scheme. This is due to the health concerns arising from the non-operational sewage lift station operated by Can Cara Development.

  • TS Gustav floods sections of the White Water

    TS Gustav floods sections of the White Water Meadows community.

     Pictures below shows sections of our community flooded during the passage of tropical storm Gustav. 

      Larger pictures can be seen in our picture gallery

    Click Here .

    Video Footage

    Video footage can be viewed here

  • NCB Community Project Competition on YouTube

    To gain much needed funding for our Community Centre Development Project the Citizen's Association has produced a 5 minutes video to compete for the $500, 000 grand prize in the NCB Community Project Competition on YouTube. The competition is purely internet based. They will select the top 10 projects and then you will decide the winner by voting.
    The top ten videos will be selected and showcased on their website on Friday April 17. The polls open on Friday April 17th and voting closes at the stroke of midnight on Friday April 24.
    More information on the competition can be viewed at

    The competitions site on YouTube can be viewed at
    Our  video can be viewed at

    Remember to vote for the video to show your support !


    Executive Team

  • Community Centre Building Fund

    We must thank Mr. Winston Chin and members of the past executive for their vision and herculean effort to open an investment account on behalf of the community, for the purpose of saving towards building our community centre.

    In 2008, the Fundraising Committee will invite members of the past executive in a promotional drive to increase the net worth of the fund, so as a community, we may begin the planning process of building a community centre.

    Two strategies will be considered:

    1. A Building Fund Pledge – whereby each house will be asked to pledge $500.00

    2. Tag Drive 50 – whereby at least 200 residents will be asked to participate in a Tag Drive, selling 50 tags @ $50.00 each.
    The revenues from these two promotions will put the community in good standing to begin the planning process for the community centre.

  • Community Centre Building Fund

    We must thank Mr. Winston Chin and members of the past executive for their vision and herculean effort to open an investment account on behalf of the community, for the purpose of saving towards building our community centre.

    In 2008, the Fundraising Committee will invite members of the past executive in a promotional drive to increase the net worth of the fund, so as a community, we may begin the planning process of building a community centre.

    Two strategies will be considered:

    1. A Building Fund Pledge – whereby each house will be asked to pledge $500.00

    2. Tag Drive 50 – whereby at least 200 residents will be asked to participate in a Tag Drive, selling 50 tags @ $50.00 each.
    The revenues from these two promotions will put the community in good standing to begin the planning process for the community centre.