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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  •  What role does the Citizens Association play in the White Water Meadows Community?
  •  Where can I get a copy of the Association's constitution?
  •  I have a problem with a specific community issue, how can I submit my concerns to the Association?
  • I have some ideas I want to share with the Association, how can I present these ideas to the community?
  •  When is the General meeting of the Citizens' Association?
  • There are street light(s) out on my street how can I make a report about that?
  •  I want to volunteer with your Association, who should I contact to express this interest?
  •  I'm interested in renting/ buying a house in your community, can you help me with that?


  • How much is the community dues?
  • What payment methods are accepted?
  • What are the dues used for?
  • I have some concerns, how can I get a copy of the financial records of the Association?
  •   a. When are the financial records released to the members?


About Our Community

  • Where can I find a map of all the community designated green areas?


Volunteering and Sponsorship  

  •   Why volunteer with WWMCA?
  •    a. Why can’t you just hire people to do the job?
  •   How do I benefit when I volunteer with WWMCA?
  •   Where can I find a list of volunteer opportunities available?
  •   Can we volunteer as a group?
  •   Can I volunteer for just one community event/project  only?
  •   I have a child who is under 18 and wishes to volunteer. Can they?
  •   Do I need specific skills or qualifications to volunteer?
  •   I was a volunteer with your organization in the past... are you more organized now?
  •   Will I be working with other volunteers?
  •   Can people from outside of White Water Meadows volunteer with WWMCA?
  •   I don’t have the time; can I just donate cash or kind instead of volunteers?
  •   I / My Company is interested in sponsoring a community event or project, who should I contact to make payment arrangement?


Neighbourhood Watch

  •  What is a Neighbourhood Watch?
  •  Is there a national body representing Neighbourhood Watch?
  •  What will I have to do as a participant in the Neighbourhood Watch programme?
  •  How do I order Neighbourhood & Home Watch leaflets and stickers?
  •  What are the procedures... when a security alert is made?         
  •  How can I volunteer to be a member of the Neighbourhood Watch programme?
  •  Are there any openings for Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators?
  •  What is the role of the police in the community Neighbourhood Watch programme?
  •  What are the responsibilities of residents and home owners in the community Neighbourhood Watch programme?
  •  How is the community Neighbourhood programme incorporated with the security firm guarding our community?*
  •  I have concerns or I am afraid of been labeled as an "informer" if I participate neighbourhood watch, how is the Association addressing this concern?